Committee Activity
NRCC has embraced environmentally sound practices since its inception. In 2002, our parent company Fuyo Kinzoku obtained (ISO 14001:1996) certification for our Tusuda Plant. In 2006, the Tsukuda Plant and Nakajima Plant acquired (ISO 14001:2004). We have integrated an environmental management system into our business of recycling rechargeable batteries.


NRCC recognizes conservation as one of our top priorities. In all aspects of our business we aim to reduce the burden on the global environment.


1. Compliance to the Environmental Laws and Regulations
NRCC abides by the environmental laws and regulations of the Japanese government as well as the ordinances of Osaka prefecture and the city of Osaka.
We strive to improve and maintain measures to reduce environmental influences with the awareness of "the global citizen".

2. Continuous Promotion of Environmental Conservation Activities
NRCC strives to a continuous improvement of the environmental management system through the implementation of internal environmental audits and such, establishing environmental objectives and goals including (1) and (2) below and reviewing them as well as striving for their attainment.

(1) NRCC reduces environmental burden from the disposal of storage battery scraps.
(2) NRCC promotes reduction and recycling of energy sources and using materials to reduce environmental burden and prevent environmental pollution.

3. Promotion of Awareness Campaigns

NRCC continues its development of the framework, regulations and standards for environmental activity, heightens the environmental awareness of individual constituting members through their education and training, and promotes awareness campaigns to conduct concrete actions.

This environmental policy is communicated to the public as well as to all constituting members, and we strive for their attainment.

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