Committee Activity
NRCC expand into various measures for ensuring the security and health of employees. Especially, we have tried to establish a system which can take measures organizationally, and arrange the work environment under which it can work on the business the employee's being relieved since we formed Health and Safety Committee (HSC) in 2008.


NRCC recognizes securing health and safety is one of the key elements of management in all aspects of its enterprise operation, and all employees promote the health and safety activity under the following health and safety policy to advance the formation of healthy and safe work environment.

1. NRCC identifies risk factors in terms of the health and safety in the workplace and removes them, and we shall strive to foster a comfortable working place for the maintenance and promotion of health about employee's mind and body.
2. NRCC obeys the health and safety regulations including the Industrial Safety and Health Act, the matters as provided for by our company regulation and the standards as provided for by us voluntarily, and we shall try preventions of industrial accident and health injury in all our plants.
3. NRCC establishes and maintains the management system to promote our Health and Safety Activity (HSA), and we strive to a promotion and a continuous improvement of appropriate and effective HSA.
4. NRCC promotes healthy and safety mind of all our employee through their education, training and awareness campaigns of health and safety, and establishes corporate culture which is active for increasing in the health and safety level.

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