• Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

NRCC strives for the protection of personal information and establishes the privacy policy as follows which is provided to recognize the importance of personal information, and to protect them.

1. Legal Compliance
NRCC comply the laws, the rules and the guidelines concerning personal information.

2. Acquisition, Use and Provision of Personal Information
NRCC obtain personal information in the proper way to extent of our business activity and needed for achieve the purpose and use its personal information for provision of our services, including information service for job applicants. And also we never provide any information we obtained to third party without his/her consent unless we receive requests by law.

3. Management of Personal Information
NRCC take adequate and rational safeguards designed not to unauthorized access, lost, falsification, leak and so on, and we manage of it in safe.

‚SDDisclosing, Correction and Erasure of Personal Information
NRCC react nimbly within reasonable range if we accept a request to disclose, correct and erase of personal information.

5. Continual Improvement
NRCC continuously strive to improve the privacy policy and we understand changes of related regulations, guideline and information technology, to manage personal information, properly.

Inquiries for handling of personal information
Human Resources Dept@
E-mail: info@recycle21.co.jp
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