Business Overview
NRCC is one of the world's leading recycler of batteries. We are one of only four companies in the world approved to recycle Nickel Cadmium batteries in accordance to the Basel Convention. Given our geographical proximity to the world's largest battery manufacturers in Japan, Korea and China, we recycle increasingly growing amounts of batteries directly from the battery manufacturers. We are also entrusted to recycle large amounts of batteries from hybrid and electric vehicles companies. We are one of the largest recyclers of Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries in Asia. Almost 75% of portable rechargeable batteries collected in Japan are recycled by NRCC. In 2009 we received 5,500 tons of end-of-life batteries and battery scraps from manufacturing process for recycling. Given the sheer volume of batteries recycled at our facilities, we have the ability to offer a unique streamlined recycling system, producing high yields of extracted metals. Also given our long history in the business of metal extraction, we have close relationships with metal companies. These factors enable us the ability to offer premium pricing to our customers.

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JBRC (Japan Portable Rechargeable Battery Recycle Center) is Japan's non-profit organization, which provides used battery collection boxes across the country. NRCC is contracted to receive these batteries for recycling. We also contract directly with companies to collect and recycle their end of life batteries as well as battery production scrap material.

The majority of batteries we collect were used in the following:

@We accept the following types of batteries:

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