Industrial Alkaline Battery
NRCC is only one of four facilities in the world certified for Nickel Cadmium battery recycling cadmium disposal by the Basel Convention.
Because Industrial Alkaline batteries are kind of Ni-Cd batteries, its battery plate contains rare metals such as nickel and cadmium which is same as compact rechargeable batteries. For sure, Ni-Cd batteries are slowly being obliterated but are still used as an industrial alkaline batteries and a reliable source for back-up power needed by used by railroads and utility companies.

NRCC recycles industrial alkaline batteries by the method below:
1. Alkaline fluid of industrial alkaline batteries is removed. The fluid is consigned to alkaline waste disposer after neutralization.

2. Battery plates are taken out from a battery box. A battery box is sold as resin for recycle after crushed.

3. Battery plates are sorted out positive plates from negative them.

4. Each plate are moved into the next processing.
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